Communicating Your Needs

Facing Death: Communicating Your Needs

Many aspects of daily living are taken out of the control of people who are approaching death; however, there still remains a strong and necessary need for a sense of control in their lives.

If you are approaching the end of life, you may feel as if you are being treated like a child – or even like a prisoner – with little input asked from you with regards to decisions. Look for ways in which you can get a sense of control back into your life. Communicate this need and possible solutions to caregivers and medical personnel. Remember, it is your choice.

Some ways you may be able to increase control are:

  • Asking your doctor exactly what you want to know about your disease process
  • Deciding what, if any, treatment you are willing to accept
  • Asking for both alone time and social time
  • Sharing your feelings and concerns honestly and allowing others to share theirs with no need of fixing or judging
  • Asking the questions you deep down want to
  • Deciding on Advance Care Planning
  • Clarifying your desires around funeral, memorial, donor recipient, etc.