Speakers’ Bureau

The Oceanside Hospice Society’s Speakers’ Bureau is a team of trained volunteers that offer complimentary talks, information and other services to community groups (e.g., business staff, service clubs, chambers of commerce, churches, and other organizations). Presentations can be tailored to meet your available time, interest level and the number of participants.


The following is a guide into the presentations that we currently offer and what to expect:


An Introduction to the Oceanside Hospice Society

Learn about the purpose, goals, the need and the array of services at Oceanside Hospice Society. This talk can vary from a quick informal 10 minute talk to an extended PowerPoint presentation, depending upon the time you have available.


Advance Care Planning

This PowerPoint presentation introduces participants and the main concepts involved with creating an Advance Care Plan. This presentation can also include the showing of the 60 minute award-winning documentary “Consider the Conversation.”  This session is also available through the Valhalla Resource Center two times per year.


Planned Giving 

Representatives of Oceanside Hospice Society Speakers’ Bureau will provide an outline of Planned Giving opportunities for those individuals or groups interested in supporting the programs and services of hospice in Oceanside, now and in the future.


For further information or to book a speaker, please contact Valhalla Resource Center at 250-752-6227.